Smooth and very soft shave.
Low agressive sharpening.

Super smooth blades due to its excellent and thick Teflon coating, which protects the skin during shaving.
In addition, the sharpness of these blades is very low, so the risk of accidental cuts to the skin is less.
These are the safest blades for those just starting out in the world of classic shaving.

For 100% enjoyment of its smoothness, it is recommended to use these blades for only 2 shaving turns.


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DERBY Extra . 5 blades

Double edge blades.
Stainless steel and chrome coating.
Platinum coating edges.
Packaging of 5 blades.

Medium sharpening.

For classic DE safety razors.

0.75 / box(es) *

BOLZANO Superinox . 5 blades

Double edge blades.
Stainless steel, titanium coated.
Packaging of 5 blades.

For classic DE safety razors.

0.90 / box(es) *

BEGINNER BLADE PACK . Smooth - 10 blades

Double edge blades.
Pack of 10 blades (2 boxes).

Very smooth blades for beginners.
Low-aggressive sharpening.

1.95 / pack(s) *
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