Gillette TECH - Aluminium 1962

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Gillette TECH ball end aluminium
Made in England in 1962.
Closed comb safety razor.
Three piece razor with "short screw" mounting head.
Code H4.
Weight 32,35 grams.
Head: Nickel finish, 10,25 grams. 
Comb: Nickel finish, 10,40 grams. 
Handle: Aluminium, 11,70 grams.
Condition of the safety razor:
Head: Excellent, smooth signs of use.
Comb: Excellent, smooth signs of use.
Handle: Excellent.
Good functionallity, the handle screws well and the machine is hard mounted when assembled.
When the blade is charged, the alineation of the blade with the comb is excellent. Checked. 
Its clean, sanitized and ready to use.
Sanitized with surgical germicide solution with temperature over 80º C and ultrasonic machine.
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