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Gillette Rocket HD 500

Made in England on 1956.
Legend "BRIT. PAT. 694093" on the inside of the base plate, and mark "II" on the outside.
"T" bar in two pieces, with riveted union.
Weight 73,43 g.
Nickel plating finish.
You can see on the first image an old advertisement where this model is showed.

Excellent condition of functionallity.
Soft to open and close, the doors open at the same time. Do not block.
When the blade is charged, it is perfectly aligned with the guard bar. Can see on last image.
Doors outside: Good. Some marks of small points and light scratches of use.
Doors inside: Very good. 
Center bar: Very good. Small marks of use.
Guard bar: Good. Some marks of use and small scratches.
Base plate inside: Very good. Soft marks of use. Small marks or points.
Base plate outside: Good, with some marks of scratches or points.
End caps: Very good.
Handle neck: Good, with little marks of points or lines around.
Handle: Very good. Not excellent brightness, but is very good.
Tip (knob): Very good.
Its clean, sanitized and ready to use.
Sanitized with ultrasonic machine and surgical germicide solution, with temperature over 75º C.
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Very well protected package always.
Refund warranty if not delivered or damaged.
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THE VINTAGE RAZOR SHOP is a professional team specialized in craftsmanship and industrial design, expert in restoring antique shaving items.
The article shown in this advert has been checked, realigned, cleaned and sanitized. It has all the functionallity warranties.
You will buy the article that is shown on images. Take a look to all images because it has little defects, mentioned on the text below.
All the images published in this advertisement are real images of the article described on sale.
This article has been pre-owned, and has been used. Now it is clean and sanitized.
We restore classic shaving articles without removing their vintage value, without modifying the original finishing layer. 
Only to recover the original brightness of the metal object as far as possible, and try to reduce aesthetic defects.
Repairing the functional defects and returning the razor to its perfect working condition.


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