Razor cover - DARK BROWN

Razor cover - DARK BROWN

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Use this leather cover to protect your safety razor head from scratches or knocks.

This cover protects your hands and the content of your traveling case from suffering a cut when being stored, and you dont need to remove the blade out after shaving. The leather is thick enough to avoid damage from cutting with the blade.

This leather cover is allowed in air travel, and will pass any security control.
Made with Genuine Spanish leather.
The diameter of the holes is 13 milimeters.
When you buy the article, just indicate the model of your razor. We will adapt the longitude of the cover if necessary.
PLEASE take a look to the INSTRUCTIONS IMAGE. If the "knob" of your razor is very wide, you can adapt yourself your cover to fit on it,
and the functionallity will be the same, without any problem.
Take a look at this point before buying the article, so you decide correctly if you want this kind of cover.
When you buy the article, just indicate the model of your razor. We will adapt the hole of the cover to fit perfectly if necessary.
THIS LEATHER COVER FITS PERFECTLY IN ALMOST EVERY MODEL of safety razor and is available for many models.
Gillette TTO and Gillette 3 piece models, EDWING JAGGER, MERKUR, parker, or similar razors, including SLANTED razors.
VALET AUTOSTROP need some more length in the design. Just ask for it and you will have a perfect cover.
When you buy remember to indicate the models of razors that you are going to use, so we can suggest how to use corectly this cover in each model, and we will ensure that your razor fits perfectly on the type of cover you have selected.
The safety razor machine is not included!


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